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About Craig Boehman
Craig Boehman is an American photographer based in Mumbai. Formerly a freelance writer, he gravitated to photography when one of his images was selected for the cover of the German edition of Le Monde Diplomatique in 2015. Since then, his subjects have been the people of India, with long-term projects in both Kolkata and Mumbai. 
His "Dhakuria Railway Colony" project is based on the lives of several hundred people who live along the active and busy railroad tracks in Kolkata. He's photographed them for years, initially from a bridge and then finally from the tracks themselves, where he had to dodge trains to get a feel for life there and to document their plights of poverty, disease, and the constant danger of passing trains. 
In Mumbai, his home, he has several long term projects but has recently gravitated toward the men and their families who work at the Darukhana ship-breaking yard, an industrial space with questionable air laden with unknown particles, but historically noted for the handling of asbestos, like many shipyards globally. The men there still break down metal parts and other misc. bits into usable scraps and pieces for local businesses and artisans.
Craig runs street photography workshops and accepts commercial and editorial work for his livelihood. He also photographs upcoming Bollywood actors and creatives associated with new Netflix original series which have arrived in India only recently. His work has been shown in photography exhibitions around the world and featured in publications like Le Monde Diplomatique, Verve Magazine, and The Hindustan Times.