Day 1: Lanes of Varanasi
Meeting point: Hotel Alka Residency
Time: 9:00 am
Duration: 8 hours
Day 2: Ganges River Promenade
Meeting point: Hotel Alka Residency
Time: 30 minutes prior to official sunrise
Duration: 3 hours
Who is this for? Passionate photographers 
Price: 900 Euros for single individual
500 Euros per person for groups of 2-7
I visualize Varanasi as three zones. The first comprises of the city itself, its busy streets. The second zone is its most famous: the promenade along the Ganges River where a good majority of the images representing Varanasi are taken by photographers from around the world. Google ‘Varanasi’ under the ‘images’ search and you’ll see exactly what I mean.
The third zone to me, is the most fascinating: the lanes of Varanasi. This narrow band of exploration has been the most exciting aspect of my trips to this magical city. If there could be a last frontier, then it's surely in her lanes, those arterial paths many photographers neglect because they're only an end to a means, a point A to point B journey, nothing more.
The lanes oftentimes appear otherworldly. A couple hours prior to sunset, some of the spaces are outright dark and in extreme contrast to the sunlight which could be filtering down a few feet away. And while I've never been a fan of shooting in low light situations, there seems to be just enough of it to help out many of the images I've captured here. I continue to be enthralled by the rich greens and blues in the vendors’ shops. Captured at the right moment and you’ll have yourself a work of art.
For me the lanes of Varanasi are the lifeblood and foundation of everything that transpires down on the Ganges River, where most photographers focus their energies. The lanes are where many of the locals live and conduct business, and where we photographers perch ourselves like vultures to descend on the already well-picked bones of imagery advertising Ganges river life along the promenade below.
Not that I’m immune to the charms of this epic and majestic river! There’s nothing I love more than to scout locations prior to sunrise and photograph the morning rituals of locals with the almost mesmerized faces of visitors. That’s why I’m including a three hour sunrise tour along the Ganges River as a Day 2 conclusion to this experience: whether we know or not, rubies and sapphires are really the same gem apart from their colors. We already know of the Ganges River, our ruby. We shouldn’t neglect all the colors offered by the lesser-appreciated lanes of Varanasi.
Please contact me with any questions. 

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